Airs for the Seasons: A Demo Recording During a Challenging Season

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Last season, Rezonance was fortunate to receive an Artist Development grant from The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR), which gave us additional resources and the momentum to make a short professional-quality recording. We were originally planning to record in June, however the pandemic forced us to reschedule. After another attempt to record in August was again rescheduled (out of an abundance of caution), it finally all came together in September!

We recorded three pieces we recently performed on our "Folk of the Baroque" concert programme: Autumn: "Marvel of Peru," and Winter: "The Snow-Drop" from Scottish composer James Oswald's "Airs for the Seasons," and "The Last Time I Came O'er the Moor," a sonata by Francesco Geminiani which is based on a Scottish song.

We started things off with a mini-rehearsal with Benjamin Stein. It was a special one - our first time playing music with other musicians since March! It gave us a chance to get used to playing with masks on and all the windows open.

The next rehearsal was with everyone. Most of it was outside in the fresh air, on a glorious day. We moved inside the house for the last hour so we could rehearse with the harpsichord.

Our usual harpsichord movers were not available due to changes with the pandemic, so we rented a van and did it ourselves. Thankfully Ben stepped in to help out - we couldn't have done it without him!

Here is David in a moment of contemplation after we completed the move.

Recording engineer (and violist extraordinaire) Matt Antal joined us at Humbercrest United Church, in the west end of Toronto, for recording day. He and violinist Michelle Odorico discovered they brought the same snack - an entire package of Saltines and no cheese!

Setting up:

Finished! Thank you to FACTOR as well as everyone who has generously supported this project both financially and with their time and talents. In addition, thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts, which has supported us with the Strategic Funds and Initiatives: COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund. This allotment has enabled our group to keep going through this challenging time.

Very special thanks to the musicians and Matt, who brought such willing hearts and thoughtfulness, and the beauty of their work to this project.

We look forward to sharing the finished product with you!


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You can find more of our recordings of performances on YouTube!

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