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Concerts - 2022-23 Season

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Sun, 26 March 2023, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM EDT

St. David's Anglican Church - 49 Donlands Avenue Toronto

Travel seemed to be in the blood for a handful of the most celebrated composers of the Baroque era. With Crossing Borders, Rezonance takes you on a musical journey with composers who spent time living abroad—that is, away from their true homelands—who found ways to integrate the regional styles and techniques of the music wherever they went. Though originally German, Handel became so entrenched in England he is often now thought of as having dual citizenship! And did you know Lully was Italian? This concert will include a wide range of such composers including German Georg Muffat, Italians E.F. Dall’Abaco and Francesco Geminiani, Frenchman J-M LeClair, as well as George Frederic Handel. Given so much variety, this will be a fun concert!



Rezan Onen-Lapointe and Kailey Richards, violins

Erika Nielsen, cello

David Podgorski, harpsichord

Benjamin Stein, lute and theorbo

Coming up:

Airs for the Seasons - CD Release Concert!

Sunday, May 7th, 3:30pm

St. David's Anglican Church - 49 Donlands Ave, Toronto

James Oswald wrote 96 "Airs for the Seasons," each named after a flower or plant.

The sonatas of Airs for the Seasons show a composer who delighted in compositional mastery at the miniature level, and each movement is both a technical and aesthetic marvel. Many feature plaintive Scottish melodies or jigs, but one also hears strains of French or Italian music in them. As a precursor to the capital-C Classical period, they represent a clever combination of style-galant chamber music and Scottish air.


Oswald was enough of a London celebrity to be appointed chamber composer to King George III in 1761, by which time he had become a wealthy man on the back of his publishing and composing ventures. His legacy is one of a talented and determined musician who could sate the appetite of a voracious musical public. His music continues to delight centuries later, and a modern listener can appreciate it much the same way Oswald’s contemporaries could. He had a gift for melody and was a classical composer with a distinctly Scottish flair. 


Special Guest: Joanna Marsden, traverso

Rezan Onen-Lapointe and Kailey Richards, violins

Erika Nielsen, cello

David Podgorski, harpsichord

Benjamin Stein, lute and theorbo

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