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All About French Style!

Are you finding yourself wondering "what do those Rezonance people mean when they say 'French Baroque music' anyway?" Yes? You've come to the right place! Please enjoy our short video introduction to the style. And then join us for our next concert, Versailles Confidential on February 3! There are things we've left out to keep the video short - feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments below! And links to your favourite French Baroque music!!! #French #Baroque #Music #Style #Violin #Harpsichord #Ornamentation

Trying new things!

Something that has always attracted me to making music is that there is always more to learn, and ways to grow. At times this can feel frustrating, when you feel you'll never be able to know everything, or do everything you can imagine. But most of the time I choose to see it as liberating. This past year I challenged myself to get more comfortable on my instrument in a few different ways, including learning about Arabic violin playing, and learning more about Baroque improvisation. I have wanted for a while to do an improv that connects two completely different pieces using recognizable bits from each one, and modulating from one key into the next, and one mood to the next. Finally the oppo